Himup getting first place as best patbingsu

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meet the ‘pat bingsoo-making-competition’ teams

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[ 1st Adventure & 2nd Adventure ] ; some things never change ♥
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Found you.
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Daehyun’s Face: Making Youngjae happy since 2012.

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Ingredients of a perfect Jung Daehyun ♥

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Daejae missing each other over social networks.

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daehyun trying to get youngjae's attention but fails.
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but you didn’t.

inspired by (x)

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sometimes people forget how nice and caring Youngjae is, just because he acts sassy!
"He helps the group all the time."
- B.A.P (x)

"It  might make you think of him as a sort of a cold person. But if you get to know him in person, Youngjae is very sensible and caring."
- Daehyun (x)
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Steal a chicken = lose a life
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Angel Wing Heart